11 typical cat behaviors and what they mean


When your cat sees you catching some fun with your kids or your siblings, they tend to come to you rolling on the ground.


Cats are good at using their eyes to express what their mouth cannot say. If your cat stares at you, they are trying to pass relevant information to you depending on the situation.


Don’t be worried if you hear your cat chattering. Your feline friend chatters when they see prey such as a mouse or bird. It is believed that chattering is a cat’s instinctive behavior that prepares their muscles to pounce on their prey.

Nail biting

If you notice your kitty lying gently and biting their nails, it may be a sign that your feline friend is bored or nervous. Sometimes, it may just be that your cat is giving themselves a manicure or perhaps the nail is itchy due to a parasite infestation.

Rubbing head on you

Just as we release the feel-good hormones — dopamine — when we see someone we love, your cat releases pheromones from their head when they rub their head on you. This is done to mark you with their scent that you belong to them.

Curling in tiny spaces

Have you ever seen your cat fitting themselves to a tiny basket or a small box? You could have thought that your cat had gone crazy to have left the plenty of comfy spaces you provided for them, squeezing themselves into a tight space.

Food covering

You may feel awkward if you see your cat covering up their food bowl despite the time and energy you’ve spent preparing the delicacy. Your cats can cover their food bowl with shredded paper, broken plastic, or other objects. However, this behavior is not harmful.

Presenting their tail

Perhaps you’re walking in the neighborhood and you see your cat stopping and presenting their tail to you, don’t feel embarrassed. Your cat does this when they see other cats, especially bigger ones that may want to bully them.


When you notice that your cat yowls or meows repeatedly without any disturbances around, it is a reproductive behavior. If you keep female cats and notice that they yowl continuously for a few days, it is a sign that your cats are on-heat and they’re trying to find a potential male to mate with.


Perhaps you’re on a phone call and boom, your cat comes and presses their paws on you. Well, they’re not crazy, they are just trying to show excitement and their love to you.

Bringing odd gifts

You may feel irritated seeing your feline friend bring odd stuff like a dead mouse, bird, or insect to you, and then rolling happily in front of you. By doing this, your cat is trying to show you gratitude for taking care of them, thus trying to share their hunted prey with you.


Like many other pets, cats have some typical behaviors that need to be understood to keep them as companions. Whereas, some of these behaviors such as kneading and yowling are instinctive, others such as food covering and nail-biting are learned behaviors.

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