12 things that really annoy your dog

1. Hugging too tightly

Some dogs tend to become stressed when you hug them too tightly. One study conducted at the University of British Columbia on dogs that were photographed while being hugged showed that 81.6% of them showed signs of discomfort.

2. Staring

Dogs get irritated and agitated when you stare at them for too long. They don’t like it and often see it as a challenge.

3. Leaving your dog alone or ignoring them

Dogs are social and park animals, and they prefer to be part of a group than being left alone.

4. Teasing

When you pretend to throw balls at your dog while you keep it in your hand, it drives them nuts.

5. Waking your dog up suddenly

It is quite rude to abruptly interrupt your dog’s sleep. Imagine you had a long day and you feel so exhausted that all you want is a peaceful sleep, and just 30 minutes into your deep sleep, someone makes a very loud noise that woke you up.

6. Leaving your dog with too many dogs

Your dog might become anxious when they’re surrounded by too many dogs in doggy daycare or Dog Park. It overwhelms them and makes them feel so upset.

7. Yelling

Yelling at anything or anyone can stress your dog indirectly. You may not be shouting at them, but they become uncomfortable and angry.

8. Using too many words

Sometimes, some dog owners talk to their pets like they understand the English language perfectly. You might be guilty of this occasionally.

9. Failing to stick to a schedule

Dogs are very smart and they learn to abide by the schedules you create for them. But it becomes heartbreaking and annoying when you neglect or fail to stick to a schedule.

10. Creating scary sounds

Some dogs hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner, so don’t just expose them to these machines all at once. Try to gradually introduce your dog to it and watch them adapt to the sound.

11. Brushing against the grain

Dogs shed regularly, and some shed more than others. This can cause a lot of sneeze-inducing dog hair floating around the house.

12. Assuming your dog knows the value of objects

Dogs naturally love to play with toys or things they can drag through the dirt, chew to bits, or rip up. These actions stimulate their brain and bring them great joy. In other words, they find it to be great fun.


Dogs are fun to have as a companion and they love to be around their owner. But doing any of these things listed above may annoy your dog and make them stressed. You have to be careful not to make your dog feel challenged or threatened.

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