12 ways you might be annoying your dog

1. Not sticking to a routine

Dogs are lovers of routine. They are more comfortable when they know when their next meal will arrive, when you’ll be coming home, when they will be dashing out to take a walk, and more.

2. Yelling at your dog

Dogs see yelling as you barking at them. Yes, they sense you’re displeased about something, but they do not understand the meaning of what you’re saying. They may pick your message, but most of the time they become confused and angry.

3. Staring at your dog

Unless your dog has learned to associate you staring at them with good things like treats and cuddles, they do not enjoy when you stare at them for long.

4. Leaving your dog alone

Dogs are sociable animals and they require your company to thrive in health and mental wellbeing. Your pooch may get angry when you leave them all alone.

5. Hugging your dog

Hugging is no doubt a sign of affection, but sometimes, dogs see it as an invasion of their personal space. Many dogs hate tight embrace and find it annoying.

6. Boring your dog

Dogs are adventurous in nature. Most breeds are originally meant for jobs like catching vermin and herding. So keeping your four-legged companion at home all day without anything to do is dreadfully boring and they find it annoying.

7. Patting on the top of the head

You might have noticed the stress signals your dog shows you when you pat them on the top of their head. They find it annoying, but for some reasons, many dog owners are guilty of this act.

8. Teasing your dog

Dogs find it annoying when you tease them — pretending to throw a ball, pulling their tail and more. It may seem like much fun to you but it’s unfair to your dog.

9. Rushing your dog while taking a walk with them

You might think walking your dog is only exercising them and giving potty breaks, so you tend to rush it up. Well, you’re actually ruining your dog walks because they do not like being rushed on walks.

10. Acting based on your spoken language

Many dog owners seem to forget that dogs are not humans like them and most times, dogs find it annoying when you expect them to understand everything you say.

11. Leaving your dog with too many unfamiliar dogs

When you take your dog to a park or doggy day care and leave them to stay with too many other dogs, they tend to become anxious and stressed. They find this annoying, especially when they are the timid type.

12. Creating scary sounds

You need to consider your pooch when working with objects or machines that make a lot of noise. Dogs do not like the sound of a vacuum cleaner, for example, they find it annoying when you do not first introduce them to it but expose them to it all at once.


Perhaps you’re guilty of one of the above-listed annoying actions. You’re should be thankful that your canine friend was forgiving enough. But now that you’re aware, ensure you pay more attention to how your pet feels and be more considerate in whatever you do. This way, you can live in harmony and your pooch tends to love you more!

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