13 awesome facts about Labrador Retrievers

1. They love water

The Labrador Retrievers are in fact designed to do well in water. Their webbed feet help propel them in water, their thick tail works as a powerful rudder, and thick, waterproof coat helps to preserve their body temperature even in cold water.

2. Labs can do almost anything

This dog breed is super intelligent and have a willingness to work hard. In fact, it is one of the world’s most versatile workers among dogs.

3. They are great hunting dogs

Lab were introduced to England in the 1800s where they were bred as game-hunting companions. But today, however, they can work in different settings, including game hunting and waterfowl hunting, usually for many hours.

4. Color does not depict their abilities

Many people believe that black Labs are the best hunters, while yellow Labs are the laziest of the breed. But this is wrong because none of these claims has any scientific backings.

5. They can smell far better than you

Labs have great schnozzes, and they can sniff out avalanche victims that have been buried for many years under 20 feet of snow.

6. the most decorated dog of all time is a Labrador retriever

One British Lab called “Endal” holds was given a world honor as the only dog with the most canine commendations. Dogs Today magazine also named Lab “Dog of the Millennium.”

7. They can carry an egg without breaking it

Labs are very popular at parties because they can carry an egg without breaking it. Besides this breed of dogs have a powerful appetite — It’s understandable as they are hard workers.

8. Labs are adventurous

Labs are extra smart and they tend to find ways to amuse themselves, especially when they still have enough physical and mental energy.

9. A Labrador was once enthroned as the mayor of a California town

During the 1981 election, voters of Sunol, CA overwhelmingly threw their support behind a black Lab, Bosco, over two human candidates that were undoubtedly fine in their own right.

10. They have a kind and outgoing temperament

Labs are well known for their large hearts. This makes them one of the best family dogs, especially in home where there are little children.

11. A lab went to jail

A black Lab named Pep was sentenced to life without parole after killing a cat owned by the wife of the Pennsylvania Governor, Gifford Pinchot.

12. They are amazing sporting dogs

Labs excel at a variety of dog sports, and their obedience, intelligence, and eagerness to please makes them amazing sporting dogs. They perform well in agility and rally besides hunting trials and dock diving.

13. They need puppy training and obedience classes

Labrador retrievers are strong and full of energy, but they require proper training and socialization. With their intelligent demeanor, it can be so much fun for the dog and their owner during training classes.


Labrador retriever are the most popular dog breeds and their intelligence, strength and kindness make them stand out. You can have this dog as a pet in your home or you can train them for special functions. However, Labs are voracious eaters, so you need to be very careful not to overfeed them.

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