14 best dog breeds that are cat-friendly

7 min readJul 13, 2020

A lot of people think it would be hard living with both, a cat and a dog — that they may not get along together. Well, not all canines would like to cuddle with kitties, but there are some dog breeds that are cat friendly and can easily bond with a feline companion. And it is always so lovely seeing your dog snuggle up with your kitty or seeing your cat bathing her canine friend.

More so, some hounds were bred to work closely with other furry family members, including cats. And some dogs tend to look at smaller creatures as something they should take care of. Little wonder those working dogs naturally watch over or protect other animals. Sporting dogs like spaniels and retrievers are very friendly and they easily get along with anyone, including cats.

Without much ado, check out the best dog breeds that are cat-friendly and the traits that make them get along easily with feline buddies:

1. Basset Hound

The Bassel Hound is a pack dog this is friendly and amicable. They have long, heavy bodies with short legs, which makes them move slowly- a trait that makes them good companions of cats. Besides, they are patient, loyal, and low-key dogs. Their temperament is generally wonderful, especially with other furry friends.

However, the Basset Hound can become extremely attached to you, so don’t plan to keep him out in the yard while allowing the cat to stay with you- he’ll be unhappy, and you might be treated to a pitiful song.

2. Beagle

Beagles below to the scent hound group and they have an exceptional sense of smell, which they use to sniff out their prey. More so, they hunt in packs- little wonder they accompany hunters. This makes it easy for them to get along with other animals.

Besides, beagles are congenial and gregarious, and most of them live happily with other pets, including cats. They just see the felines as another member of the pack.

3. Border Collie

Collies are perhaps the most intelligent dog breed, and they are lovers and not fighters. Although some breeds may not live well with cats, most bond well with kitties.

The border collies, however, are a bit calm than some herding breeds. More so, they are very gentle with children and other family pets, even cats.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is a part of the American Kennel Club Toy Group. They are bred to be loyal and loving companions. Besides, the Cavalier is so sweet to live with and they can get along with almost anybody or animal, including the feline friends. These breeds are gentle little dogs and they are adaptable.

5. Poodle

The Poodle is one breed that comes in three main size varieties, including the miniature (10 to 15 inches tall), the standard (more than 15 inches tall at the shoulder), and toy (less than 10 inches). Some toy poodles are even smaller than cats, averaging between 4 to 6 pounds.

This dog breed is very smart and energetic, and they’re always bright and happy. They love being part of a family life, which makes the bond easily with people and other animal pets, including cats.

6. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are very gentle and their friendliness extends not only to people but also to cats. This breed is sweet-natured and loving, as well as outgoing and adaptable. Most of them can peacefully live with a cat friend as long as they are properly introduced.

7. Newfoundland

These are the gentle giants of the dog world. They are calm, patient, and very protective of their family members. Besides, Newfoundlands work well with people of all ages, including children, and other pets like cats. Their low energy levels and calm demeanor makes them very attractive to live with.

8. Maltese

The Maltese are small in size like the toy poodle, and they have weight of less than 7 pounds. Sometimes, they are even categorized as toys, because they are smaller than an average-sized cat. This feature and their loving and gentle nature make the Maltese one of the best cat-friendly dog breeds.

More so, a Maltese is always easy-going and would lie peacefully on the couch, ignoring any other thing going on, including the activities of cats.

9. Pug

Pugs are happy and charming fellows that live fine with almost anybody or animal. They naturally do not incline to chase other people or bother a cat. This makes them live successfully with felines as long as you introduce them properly.

The interesting part is that whenever you’re not around, a cat can help keep them company and they will play together peacefully.

10. Pomeranian

This is one of the most cat-friendly dog breeds due to their engaging and spirited nature. They are often seen as a toy dog, and they are only 3–7 pounds in weight.

These lovely, fluffy pups are rarely a threat to cats. Besides, most cats tower over Pomeranians, but they live peacefully with each other without any form of threat.

11. Dachshund

This breed represents the smallest of the hounds, and the miniature version might just be about the same size as your cat- although they also come in larger standard sizes.

Dachshunds have an enormous personality and they are determined, devoted, spirited, and willful. They live peacefully with cats, as long as do you a proper introduction.

12. German Shepherd dog

German Shepherds are one of the best cat-friendly dog breeds. They are highly intelligent and adaptable, not to mention their athletic and active nature. You can easily train them, and they pay attention to cues from you on who to trust and like. So if you teach them to love your feline friends, you can be sure they will peacefully live with them.

13. Cocker Spaniel

This breed is known to play a lot and their cute gentle nature makes them highly attractive. They also have a curious nature and wagging tail, but the most interesting thing about them is that they are people-oriented. Not only that, but they’re also friendly with other dogs and cats.

14. Labrador retriever

Lab, as they are commonly called are highly-friendly and have a pretty even temperament. They get along easily with any member of the household, including the kitties.


Before you decide on which cat-friendly dog breed you want to bring home, there are some important things you need to keep in mind. First, you should try to watch or supervise your cat and dog after introducing them, regardless of the dog’s or cat’s breed.

Also, you need to remember that each dog comes with their temperament and this is largely determined by a mix of genetics, environment, and training. So, it doesn’t mean because a dog is part of the dog breeds that are cat-friendly, it would naturally be cuckoo for kitties.

Hence, it is important to properly and safely introduce your new pets to one another. And if they get along quickly and easily, you’ll be setting the stage for the best moment in companionship. Remember, when your pets are happy together, they will spend more time together and this will relieve you of the stress of being disturbed when they are bored.

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