7 awesome facts about siamese cats

6 min readAug 11, 2020

Siamese cats are popularly known for their smooth and distinct appearance. Although most Siamese cats come with a silver-gray color and blue eyes, these cute cats coat can also be white, orange, cream, brown and sometimes blue, among a large number of coat variations.

But there is so much more to the Siamese cats than just their mysteriously adorable appearance!

For instance, are you aware that the Siamese cats are among the oldest breeds of household cats around the world? Or that the color of their coat is determined by the temperature of their environment and their genetics? Yes, really!

These cats have a very rich history (as they were once kept by royal families in Thailand). These cats have striking looks, and they were not adored at first during the modern-cat show that took place in 1871 in London.

Also, unlike other cats, Siamese cats find it difficult to see in the dark, but they are one of the most curious and smartest cats in the world.

Keep reading to learn more interesting facts about these cats.

1. They have different coat coloring

Just as we said earlier, the coat of the Siamese cats come in different beautiful colors — and these colors are not just determined by their genetics.

A Siamese cat’s coat color is determined by different sets of genes and the design (patterns) of its coat is determined by modifier genes. This unique modifier gene inhibits the developments of pigments in the fur, which leads to albinism.

But, with the advancement in science, the albinism modifier gene can affect the cat’s fur only above a given temperature (between 100 and 102.5° to be precise).

When a Siamese cat body temperature drops below 100 degrees or the cat is kept in a colder surrounding, the cat’s genes for coat color returns to carrying pigment to its fur.

Because the body of a cat is colder around her tail, nose, paws, and ears; pigments are most likely deposited on these areas.

Many Siamese cats are born pure white, and then they develop their markings a few weeks after birth. Why is it so? Because the temperature of the womb is very warm and it blocks the kitten’s color gene from getting to her fur.

After birth and having faced the colder atmosphere for about a week or two, a Siamese kitten will start developing pigment around her paws, faces, and tails.

2. They are social butterflies

Looking for a hug buddy? These cats will not disappoint you. Siamese cats love being around people and they make good bonds with their human friends.

It is in the nature of this breed to follow their human friends around the house, and they will want to participate in whatever their owner indulges in.

Also, the Siamese cats enjoy the company of their fellow cats, kids, and even strangers. Their wonderful affectionate behavior makes them unhappy when left alone for too long. These cats have a high desire to be around people which is why they are mostly adopted in pairs.

3. They share common traits

For so many years, a lot of Siamese cats have had crooked tails and crossed eyes. Although these common traits were as a result of some genetic factors, many vets offered different explanations for these cats’ incredible appearances.

According to a legend, a certain number of Siamese cats were saddled with the responsibility of protecting a golden, royal goblet. While carrying out their duties, they stared intensely at the goblet that their eyes got crossed.

And because their tails were wrapped around the goblet as a form of extra protection, they got crooked tails.

Up till today, there are still few Siamese cats with crooked tails and crossed eyes, but they are very rare to find. Finding a Siamese cat with these particular features isn’t easy, but they do exist.

4. They enjoy the royal treatment

Many, many years ago, the Siamese cats were domesticated by royal households in Thailand due to their distinct, uncommon, and cute appearances.

As a matter of fact, members of such royal households held the belief that their souls will be received by Siamese cats when they die, and these cats will end up spending the rest of their long life living in a temple and cared for by priests and monks until their last day. Not bad, huh?

5. They are the presidential cats

Although Siamese cats have existed in Asia for many centuries, they were not domesticated in the United States not until in the late 1800s. One of the first known owners of this breed of cat was Lucy Haye, the wife of former U.S. President, Rutherford B. Haye.

This means that Siamese cats have been to the white house as well! We all know that not so many pets have found their way into the white house, but the Siamese cat, however, was said to have lived in the white house for a couple of years.

Lucy Haye named her Siamese cat “Siam”. It was gifted to her by a United States diplomat who was stationed in Thailand.

6. They are starred in movies

Good old movies such as “That Darn Cat,” “The Lady and the Tramp,” and “The Incredible Journey” all featured Siamese cats. The whole plot of the movie- “That Darn Cat” -was focused on a Siamese cat named DC who helped in stopping a kidnapping experience.

While the Siamese cat from this movie helped work against a fictional kidnap, two brave Siamese cats prevented espionage during the 1960s.

This happened in Moscow, Russia at the Dutch embassy when two smart Siamese cats started scratching the walls; their owner sensed it that they were responding to a quiet noise that is undetectable by mere human ears. He was correct! Thirty tiny microphones were found behind the wall.

7. They talk a lot

If you own a Siamese cat (or you have spent some time around a cat of this breed), you probably already know that they are a talkative breed.

Siamese cats will always vocalize their observations, their input on their food, and basically whatever it is they face throughout the night or day.

This is one of the most commonly known facts about the Siamese cat as they never allow their owner to be bored or lonely. Most children and aged people love owning a Siamese cat as it always keeps them company.

A lot of people have said that the talkative nature of these cats makes them even more adorable.


While recognized for their unique looks, there is more to these distinct kitties than meets the eye. The Siamese cats always make a great pet-one that is well-suited for an attentive and loving owner.

If you love cats and enjoy taking care of these furry friends, then you could be lucky enough to own one of the most playful and loyal companions around! Remember! You also enjoy lots of benefits when you take good care of your cat.

However, if you think you can’t take care of a cat, always remember that practice makes perfect. You can start learning how to take care of a Siamese cat by owning one!

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