7 best spots where dogs love to be scratched

The best spots where dogs love to be scratched

These are the 7 best spots that make most dogs melt and wag their tail in pleasure:

Upper Chest

Some dogs love to get soft scratches on their upper chest area. This is common among dogs that are still trying to bond with you.

Under the chin

Dogs also love to get gentle strokes on the underside of their snouts. You can try this on a dog you’ve just met, but ensure you get permission from the owner and the dog sniff you first.

The base of the tail

If you’ve ever stroked your dog’s velvety soft ears, you’d have noticed that they tend to turn around and offer you their rear. Although it might not look cute, dogs love being scratched on their lower back.


Another spot that dogs love to get good scratches is their shoulders. When you give your pup’s shoulder some extra attention, it won’t make them feel vulnerable. Besides, that spot is also a difficult one for them to reach themselves.

Behind the ears

There are a large number of nerve endings on dogs’ ears, and these nerves reach internal organs. When you scratch a dog behind their ears, they tend to feel more relaxed and might even sleep off.

The belly

It’s very rare to see a dog that does like getting a belly rub or scratch. Most dogs even ask for it rolling onto their back when you pet them. This move does not mean they’re submitting to you, instead, they are asking to get a good scratch on their belly.

Worst places to scratch a dog

Although dogs love being pet anywhere, they prefer to get a good scratching in the places mentioned above.

The tail

The dog’s tail is an important part used for communication with each other and humans. Our furry friends would prefer not to be touched on their tail. Just imagine someone seizes your ability to speak, that’s how dogs feel when you pet their tails.

The Paws/Legs

Dogs tend to feel uneasy when you pet or scratch their legs. This is mainly because they depend on their legs to escape from danger. So they don’t want anything to happen to their “way of escape.”

The Head

Some dogs wouldn’t mind getting scratched on the end, but many of them don’t like it. So watch your dog’s reaction when you attempt touching their head. If they “duck” and close their eyes as you try touching their head, then don’t move further.


Dogs love to be scratched by their owners, but they have favorite spots. So what works for one dog may not work for the other. However, the best spots that work for almost all dogs include the upper chest, under the arm, under the collar, base of the tail, shoulders, belly, and behind the ears.

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