7 reasons why cats make us better people

1. They keep us healthy

Research by the American Heart Association shows that pet owners have a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and obesity.

2. They help you stay active

When you dance around in the living room with your cat or toss a tennis ball at your cat, you’re definitely exercising, and that means you’re burning some kilojoules.

3. Cats reduce allergies

One of the major benefits of having a cat around is that they help reduce allergies. Studies have shown that when children below one year of age stay close to felines, they gain immunity to allergic reactions.

4. Cats are independent

When you think of pets that do not give their owner much work to do, cats take the lead. Although having this four-legged buddy comes with some responsibilities, they are very much independent. This gives you a fewer tasks to handle on a daily basis since they look out for themselves.

5. Cats love human company

Cats are often compared to dogs (which are known to be man’s famous best friends), but enough studies show that cats are as loving as canines and they make us better people.

6. Petting them feels good

Imagine coming back home after a long stressful day and snuggling up with your kitty. It sends a feeling of relaxation down your spine. Petting the velvety fur of your feline companion goes a long way to help you unwind and relax.

7. They increase our social connections

You would have observed how strangers are more apt to say hello, smile, and even strike up a conversation when you go out with your cat. And most times when you share a funny story about Fido or Fluffy, people immediately share their own experiences.


There you have it, these are some of the main reasons why cats make us better people. They are generally beneficial for our health, and if you really want to enjoy all these benefits and more, you had better get a feline companion and show them with a lot of love and care. They will surely offer you a lot of benefits in return- physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.

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