8 Alternative Medicine Treatments For Cats

1. Bach Flower Remedies

It’s important to never use random essential oils on your cat, but to only use ones that have been deemed safe for cats. Bach Flower Remedies is a brand that has researched and created natural remedies for cats. These formulas are created from flower essences made from actual flowers that are nontoxic when used around cats. These are called Rescue Remedies.

2. Probiotics

Cats can get digestive upsets just like humans do. And just like humans take probiotics, cats can also take them too. But be certain you only give them probiotics that are specific to them. All the sugar and additives in yoghurt desserts isn’t good for them. Just some signs that your cat can benefit from probiotics include if your cat vomits a lot or has loose stools. Probiotics come in a variety of formats so you can easily give them to your cat, including a powder to sprinkle on food, and a tasty gel that they can lick off your fingers.

3. Acupuncture

This is an ancient practice where new sterile needles are inserted into parts of the body in order to ease pain and provide relief. The practice of acupuncture uses minute needles which are only placed within the top layers of the skin. A good acupuncturist understands where the nerves and veins are, and avoids them. It’s important that someone holds the cat down when this procedure is done. Once the needles are inserted, your cat will be oblivious to them. The needles are only kept in the cat’s skin for a few minutes, before they’re extracted.

4. Coconut Oil

Not only is coconut oil safe to rub onto your cat’s skin, but should they lick it off during their normal cat bath time, it’s also nontoxic for them. Coconut oil is a simple solution for when your cat has dandruff on its lower back, or when they have itchy, flaky skin. You can use it safely on your cat without having to put a cone on them, as you would have to do when you give them prescription creams or ointments to treat a skin condition.

5. Kidney or Liver Support Drops

These drops are simple to give to your cat. They can be easily placed into the side of your cat’s mouth before they even know what you’ve done. These drops are given to boost the health of your cat’s kidneys or liver.

6. Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Just like humans need their vitamins and minerals, cats also do too. But cats have differing needs than we do, so be certain to buy specific nutritional therapy products for cats.

7. Catnip

Catnip is for more than just giving your cat a good time. You can use it to get your cat into the cat carrier before a trip to the vet’s. You can also use it to get them to stay in certain spots of your home. Don’t like them jumping on the counters or the bed? Spray their cat spaces with catnip to encourage them to stay in these locations. If your cat is lazy and gaining weight, you can spray it on their cat toys to encourage them to play. You can hide their toys in the room so they can hunt for them too.

8. CBD Oil

CBD stands for “cannabidiol” and is a natural compound sourced from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive, meaning that if your cat consumes this product, they won’t get high. It differs from THC, which is what gives people that high after smoking or ingesting it. CBD products are legal throughout Canada and most parts of the USA. It’s also legal throughout much of Europe.

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