9 dog walking dangers every dog owner should know about

1. Exhaustion

As you walk your dog, you need to keep in mind that exhaustion is a real danger if your pooch is not in the best shape of their life. Besides, overworking a senior dog or an arthritic dog puts them at risk of exhaustion. So you should always ensure your dog is not overworked if you’re on longer walks.

2. Treated Lawns and pesticides

Some neighboring lawns may have grasses that have been treated with insecticides or pesticides. These chemicals are targeted at insects, and not mammals, but if your dog rolls around on it, it might cause a contact rash, and your pet might start to vomit or get itchy.

3. Contaminated water

Your dog is likely to become exhausted while you walking them, and they might get tempted to stop at the nearest body of water for a drink. But the danger is that some ponds contain blue-green algae, and they are toxigenic and can affect the nervous system, cause gastrointestinal issues and excessive drooling.

4. Bagel

Many people toss half-eaten bagels for birds to enjoy, and some coffee shops also discard their trash. But sometimes, you can’t tell when your dog will get exposed to a potentially dangerous breakfast snack.

5. Excessive sunlight

It’s no more news that we need to slather ourselves in sunblock, but our furry friends are not left out. If you have a dog with a light-colored coat, you need to know that most of these dogs have a sensitive pink skin that needs to be protected from sunlight. Besides, areas around the nose of dogs have thinner hair, and you need to always use sunblock if you need to take your dog on a walk.

6. Dogs getting lost

There are many cases of dogs getting lost during the walking period. A study conducted in 2012 found that about 15% of dog owners have once lost a dog. There is no fixed number of lost dogs, but it is estimated to run into millions.

7. Other dogs

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re likely to come across other pet owners on your walk. There are many reports of bad behavior demonstrated by pet owners that exposed every party involved to some risk.

8. Gum

Sometimes, dogs may come across gum or candy, and those that are made with Xylitol can cause digestive issues in dogs. This sugar substitute tricks the body into thinking it’s sugar, hence, causing hypoglycemia.

9. Traffic

If you live in the city, one of the biggest dog-walking dangers you’re likely to experience is vehicle traffic. Many reports show a high number of dogs hit by cars, and this is majorly due to their owners not paying attention.


For the safety of both you and your dog, you need to always keep an eye on the dog walking dangers highlighted above. You should also discourage your dog from eating poop, as they can get infected with some deadly parasites. Lastly, as soon as you get back from dog walking, ensure you check your dog’s body for the presence of ticks. Always call your veterinarian if you suspect anything you’re unsure about.

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