9 signs that you are obsessed with your cat

1. You think about them every freaking time

If you can’t help but think about your feline friend all the time, whether at home or at work, it is a clear sign that you might be obsessed with your kitty. It is not surprising that you developed a strong emotion for your cat, yes, cats can make you feel happy when you’re feeling blue and their emotions are sincere.

2. You can’t sleep unless your cat is in bed

Of course, cats should have their own fancy bed and space, but you lose sleep until your cat gets to share your own bed with you. That’s a sign of obsession.

3. You create a social media page for your cat

This is another sign of obsession. When your cat has their Facebook, twitter, or Instagram page, or you’ve ever Facetimes your cat while you’re not home with them.

4. You celebrate birthdays and holidays with your cat

You might be obsessed with your cat if you keep a good tab of their exact birthday (or “Gotcha Day if you’ve got a rescue dog), and shower them with expensive gift-wrapped catnip toys.

5. You call your cat my “my child” instead of pets

When you start seeing your kitty as your child, it’s beyond love, it might simply be cheer obsession. You start seeing them as your fur baby or four-legged family member. Well, everyone should feel lucky to have a cat as a companion.

6. Your cat gets everything they could possibly want

When you know what your cat is thinking just by looking at their wide, hopeful eyes and you go out of your way to get it for them, it might be a sign of obsession.

7. You hold long conversations with your cat

If you find yourself talking out your whole day with your cat, you may simply be obsessed. Sometimes, you get to tell your cat your to-do list for the day, the goals you have to smash, who you need to call, and even the friends you’re going to be hanging out with.

8. You stay in discomfort as long as it pleases your cat

When you place your cat’s interest first before yours in everything, it might be a sign of obsession. Even when you have a need to visit the restroom and you’re almost peeing in your pants, but your cat is deep asleep on your lap, you prefer not to move thinking your cat may never find that perfect position again.

9. You cancel important dates and appointments for your cat

You may not find it comfortable to tell the truth about the last date you cancelled, but you know deep down in your heart that you decided to spend time with your feline friend instead.


I know it’s quite hard to agree that you’re obsessed with your cat, but if you can relate with any of the signs mentioned above, then it is high time you accept the fact that you do have something beyond love for your cat, and it’s called Obsession.

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