Do cats enjoy music?

Do cats perceive music?

As excellent hunters, cats have all their senses designed for that purpose. They feel their environment via the sensitive hairs on their front paws, and they approach their prey without making any sound.

Extremely sensitive hearing

The ears are always open as opposed to the eyes, so if you make too loud sounds when sharing a flat with your feline friend, the cat would most-likely choose flight over fight- meaning they will run to a quiet place.

Music produces a calming effect

Many veterinarians use music to calm animals down to make things easier for them. This is mainly because music has an influence on emotions, and it is been proven to work on cats.

What kind of music do cats love?

Now that we know that cats enjoy some kinds of music, the question you might want to ask is “what kind of music do our feline friends love? Well, many scientists have asked themselves the same question and the good news is that they found the answer.

Songs that soothe your cat

Now that we know that cats enjoy music, you might want to know cats’ favorites or their ideal chill-out music.

Composed music for cats

Various scientists conducted research on the musical taste of cats, and the results were used to compose music in frequencies that are pleasant for cats. These compositions also include conventional musical elements to make them enjoyable for both humans and cats.


Cats have incredible senses that are tuned to sound that even a deaf one can pick up vibrations in the air through their whiskers. Our feline companions first find comfort in the sound of the mother’s purr, and gradually grows to love the world around them. When you play the music that carries a feline-appropriate tone, tempo, and pitch, your cat would rub up against a speaker as a sign of enjoyment. And they transfer their scent in this manner when they love something.

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