How to prevent your dog from waking you up

Why do dogs wake their owners up very early?

You might first be surprised because you feel dogs are independent in nature. Well, maybe nature betrays them when they need care and entertainment from their loved one or owner.

  • They are hungry
  • They need to use the bathroom
  • They want to play or stay near you

How to prevent your dog from waking you up

Without further ado, here are the best measures you can put in place to help your dog wake up around the time you’re also waking up so you both feel well rested:

Make your room conducive for sleeping

You need to ensure that your dog’s room is very conducive for sleeping when it is bedtime. Dogs generally have an internal clock that wakes up with the sun. So if there is too much light or sun rays in your dog’s room or your room (if your dog sleeps in your room), you need to adjust it to turn the room into a sleepy environment.

Make sure your dog is not sick

If your dog wasn’t used to waking up very early, but has recently started, it could mean they are sick. But it may be hard to determine the specific illness that is causing your dog to wake up too early. Factors such as infection, old age, or just a general discomfort may be disrupting your dog’s sleep cycle.

Put your dog on a schedule

Dogs can actually operate on their own schedule and internal clock. You can train them to follow the same schedule every day. This can help to alter their internal clock to sleep longer and stop waking you up.

Let your dog use the bathroom right before bed

Even if you just enjoyed some play session outside with your dog some 30 minutes ago, ensure you take them outside to use the bathroom more time before heading to bed. Otherwise, your dog may have to go use the bathroom during the night and they may deem it fit to wake you up.

Stand your ground when they try waking you very early

This may seem simple but it is the hardest way to stop your dog from waking you up early. You can try this if you’ve observed that your dog intentionally wakes you up all the time to play.


If your dog wakes you up at night all the time, you can correct this behavior by making a few adjustments like we’ve discussed above. However, if they persist after trying all these measures, you may need to talk to your veterinarian to figure out the problem and how to resolve it

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