How to properly introduce your cat to your newborn

Measures to introduce your cat to your newborn

How your cat reacts to your newborn arrival may depend on their age, genetics, temperament, and experience around babies or children.

Pre-birth stage

Plan Ahead before the baby is born

As soon as you know that the birth of your baby is imminent, you should start to prepare your cat for the new arrival. Remember, you would be bringing in new toys, furniture, smells, and sounds into your home. All of these could confuse your feline friend as they do not really like changes too much.

Do not touch the kitty litter whilst pregnant

It’s okay to be around cats when you’re pregnant, but it’s not advisable to do touch the kitty litter during this period to avoid potential health concerns.

Ensure your cat is healthy, fit, and happy

Of course you will be bringing a new baby home, so you need to have your cat checked properly by your vet to be sure of their state of health.

After birth stage

The birth of a child comes with a lot of demand for attention and it can be very stressful when you first come home with your newborn.

Make sure you have a safe haven for your cat

You would be having lots of visitors after your newborn is brought home. If you have a cat that is not sociable, they tend to fret out and become overwhelmed.

Separate the cat toys from your baby toys

Some baby and cat toys share so much similarities — They are cuddly and soft, and they rattle and squeak. Little wonder a cat can conveniently play with a baby’s toy, and when a baby starts crawling, they tend to play with a cat’s toy.

Maintain good hygiene

After welcoming a newborn into your home, you need to stick to routine hygiene. Ensure you wrap and remove wet and soiled nappies immediately so the house doesn’t smell bad.

How do you know if your cat is coping well with the newborn?

If your cat is adapting well and adjusting to living with a newborn, you should expect that:

  • The cat will sleep, eat, groom, drink and use their litter tray as normal
  • The cat will still maintain their normal routine
  • The cat will seem comfortable and relaxed around the house, even around the newborn


Introducing your cat to your newborn requires good planning and a lot of patience. If you prepare your cat for the new sounds and smells that are associated with babies, you help them adjust ahead of time. Failure to do this may cause your cat to become stressed out as they struggle to adapt to the sudden chance.

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