How you can bring your cat to cuddle more and be a lap cat?

6 min readSep 27, 2021

Nothing feels nicer than having your cat curled up on your laps, but the truth is that not all cats are natural lap cats. Well, hereditary can play a role here and mother cats tend to pass genes of personality and behavior to their kittens.

So friendly mother cats tend to have friendly kittens, while mother cats that are resistant to being cuddled, picked, or petted pass on those traits to their kittens. Cats also acquire hereditary traits for their fathers even if they don’t have any part in raising them.

Another factor that affects the personality of cats is early handling by humans, especially at the kitten stage. Studies have shown that kittens between the ages of 3 and 7 weeks who enjoy enough attention and positive physical handling from people tend to be social and friendly.

But is it possible to train your cat to spend more time in your lap even when you don’t know about their early influences and experience? The simple answer is “YES.” Although some cats prefer to just sit away on a high perch, on a rug, or hidden in their own company, you can actually bring your cat to cuddle more and be a lap cat.

Here are some helpful tips that can help you bond more with your cat and train them to be a lap cats:

Never force them to sit on your laps

The first rule is to never force your cat to cuddle or be a lap cat. If they choose to escape, allow them. Restraining them will make them stay away from you even more, and this might cause them to stay off completely from you.

Find their soft spot

Cats are very sensitive pets and they are very particular about how they love to be touched. You can scratch them beneath the chin or between the ears, stroke them along the spine, or rub that sweet spot between the eyes.

But avoid the base of the tail and the belly of cats. Many cats feel vulnerable when you touch their tummy, even if you don’t mean any harm.

Also, cats love to scent with the gland on their face and head, but they don’t it when you pick the odor from their tail glands. The reason is not clear enough but it may be that the glands on the base of the tail have meanings or specific uses to cats and that perfume isn’t meant for you as the owner.

With time, you’ll find your cat’s soft spot as they start to relax and purr. However, if your cat wriggles, don’t force them to stay. Instead, give them the opportunity to jump away.

Don’t stare at your cat for too long

Unlike humans that may feel you’re admiring them when you stare at them for too long, cats see it as being rude and most times they tend not to interact with you.

You can slowly blink your eyes at your cat instead. This way, there’s a good chance they will respond and blink at you too. It’s a kind of kitty kiss without having to touch.

Start from an early age

If you’ve just adopted a little kitten home for the first time, that’s the best time to train them and build a healthy relationship with them. At this early age, you can encourage your cat to feel safe and welcome around you.

Allow your cat to explore their new home, and when they give you a chance to stoke and pick them up, do it gently and handle them carefully so they can get used to the smell and feel of your hands.

And when your kitty comes to your while you are sitting, encourage it with positive strokes and words. With time, they’ll learn and believe that your lap is the best place to get the best attention and fuss.

Build a strong relationship with your cat

The kind of relationship you have with your feline friends will determine if they want to cuddle more and be a lap cat. Try to make your cat your best friend and they’ll be encouraged to sit with you.

You can have your regular routine together with your cat and set aside some time every day for some energetic play, calm quiet strokes, and fuss. This helps your cat trust you more and long to be around you.

Another way to build a healthy relationship with your feline friend is to be the one who feeds them daily.

Create a safe environment for your cat

Once your cat feels happy safe around you, it will be more likely to be a lap cat. To make them more secure to sit on your lap, you can get some things that they will like close by. Try using a cozy blanket to cover your legs and keep some cat toys around you so that your pet can enjoy being close to you.

Another option is to sit on the floor with your kitty and play with their toys, allowing them to climb onto you if they choose to. You can try some soft toy on the end of a string to allow the chase — Cat love chasing as it is so much fun for them.

While playing with your cat, do not raise your voice at them. Talk to them in a calm voice and reward them with a treat when they sit on your lap. After some time, they will cuddle more and look forward to always stay on your laps, at least for a treat.

Choose the right time

If your cat has just woken up from a nap, it is not the right time to ask them to curl up with you as they will want to stretch and get some exercise. Don’t try to keep them still when they are trying to investigate something.

Instead, give your cat enough time to use up some of their energy — may be run around the house or play on their own. When they are settled and ready to eat, they may be happy to curl up with you and sit on your lap.

Use rewards

You can sometimes bribe your cat to sit on your lap. Whenever they act reluctant to stay on your laps, you can lay a little trail of treats on the floor and direct them to end on your laps. This trick encourages most cats to get onto your lap and they may eventually find comfort on your laps and stay there to get some cuddles.

Use their favorite blanket

Cats love to be around familiar smells, so a smart way to make them lap cats is to put their favorite blanket on your lap and allow them to lie on it. This makes them feel comfortable as they enjoy their favorite blanket.

Encourage them to be calm

Create a calm environment and make your home welcoming and homely. This will encourage your cat to feel more relaxed, bring it to cuddle more, and make them become a lap cat.


You have to be careful not to force your cat to cuddle and be a lap vat. Take your time and follow the tips above. Sometimes cats might be reluctant to cuddle with you when they are stressed or need their space. Be patient with your feline friend, give them nice treats and speak calmly to them. With time, they will love to cuddle with you and rest on your laps for a long period.

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