Important things you should and should not do if you find a lost dog

Approaching a lost dog: What should you do?

When you see a lost dog wandering into the woods, don’t be quick to run after them to grab their collar. The dog may not be friendly and might attack you out of fear. So apart from the dog’s safety, your safety is important too.

  • Bared teeth
  • Hair standing on end
  • Stiff body language

What about keeping the dog temporarily?

You may decide to keep the dog temporarily before getting them to a local shelter or finding their owner. Well, in this case, you need to think about a holding area. Whether temporarily or long-term, you need to put safety measures in place for your family, pets, and the lost dog.

Check for collar ID tags

Most dogs carry a means of identification, especially when they go out with their owner. So check their collar ID tags for the contact information of their owner. Try to call every number listed, and if none is going through, you can leave a message.

How else can you alert the lost dog’s owner?

If you’ve tried calling the numbers on both the ID tag and microchip to no avail, you can take advantage of technology and try other means.


You need to be very careful when you find a lost dog because you don’t have any prior relationship with them. Dogs have different behavior and some are very aggressive. So for your safety, tread carefully. And if the dog is not being friendly, you can call animal control to handle the case.

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