Is shaving the best choice for your puppy or not?

Should you shave your puppy?

Experts advise that you should not shave your puppy at all. Nevertheless, deciding whether you should shave them or not depends on the type of coat they have.

Why you should not shave your puppy

It may be challenging to figure out whether your puppy is double-coated or single-coated because their fur is still in the early stage of growth. Thus, experts advise not to shave your puppy for the following reasons:

Shaving can permanently damage their fur

If you shave your puppy, especially a double-coated breed, the top guard coat is unlikely to grow back. This will leave your puppy more vulnerable to parasites as they grow older.

Shaving exposes your puppy to sunburn and skin cancer

When you shave your puppy, you expose them to heat and ultraviolet radiation coming down from the sun. These may increase their risk of developing skin cancer or sunburn.

Shaving does not cool them down

The high temperature of the summer season may make you think that shaving your puppy will help in cooling them down. Actually, it won’t. In fact, it will make them less tolerant to the heat.

Shaving your puppy doesn’t reduce allergies

You may want to shave your puppy to reduce their allergies, but shaving does not help with allergies.

If you must shave your puppy

“I can’t just carry them around with thick fur in the summer” … “Who does that?”

No close shave

Don’t shave all your puppy’s fur down to their skin. Leave at least one inch of hair on their skin. Shaving them down to their skin may cause ingrown hairs to develop in their hair follicles, resulting in painful bumps.

Use the right tools

Don’t just choose a random pair of scissors to shave your puppy. Get high-grade sterilized clippers and blades to shave them.

Consider hiring a pro

If you’re not skilled at shaving pets, perhaps it’s your first time trying to shave your puppy, you should consider hiring a professional groomer rather than doing it yourself.

What to do instead of shaving your puppy

The best thing to do in hot weather is to help your puppy in enhancing their natural way of keeping themselves cool rather than disrupting it by shaving them

Brush your puppy

Brushing your puppy regularly helps untangle their undercoat, allowing air to circulate near their skin, hence, keeping them cool in hot weather.

Keep your puppy indoors

You should keep your puppy indoors on a sunny day to ensure they stay cool. When the temperature gets too hot outside, panting will not be enough to keep your puppy cool, hence you need to ensure they stay indoors.

Provide them with cool water

Giving your puppy cool water to drink helps them stay hydrated and maintains their body temperature on hot days. You may also try to add ice cubes to their water bowls on very hot days. This will help to cool down their surroundings.

Shelter your puppy from the sun

The major way your puppy cools themselves is through panting which works best if the temperature of their surrounding is lower than their body temperature.


Shaving your puppy is not appropriate in hot seasons. In fact, doing this does not help in cooling them down but rather makes matters worse.

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