Keep these 8 essential steps in mind when bringing your new dog home

Take Things Slow

This is the first step in the list because it is arguably the most important one. It is extremely necessary for you and all members of your family to take things as slowly, calmly, and patiently as possible when your dog enters the house.

Make the Rules

Before the puppy is introduced to your house, do ensure that there are certain ground rules established — for the puppy as well as the human beings. For instance, if you have a family, delegate responsibilities — for feeding, walking, and bath time for the new puppy. It is necessary to have all members involved in the dog’s activities as this can help in individual bonding.

Introduce Them Slowly

It is a commonly made mistake to leave a puppy loose once it has been brought home. This can cause a sensory overload — what with the number of people, smells, and sights that the puppy will be experiencing. The result could be an anxious and uncomfortable dog.

Take Them on a Tour

Once your puppy is showing signs of comfort in it’s puppy-proofed space, do a tour of the house and start introducing it slowly and patiently to all the rooms in the house — excluding the rooms that you have demarcated as the “No-Puppy Zone.”

Minimize Touch, Talk, and Eye-Contact

Your puppy is going to be stimulated in all senses — this is a fact that needs to be established before bringing them home. As you allow your new pet to explore the house with you, try to not touch, speak or look directly at it. Use subtle noises or a snapping of fingers to correct and communicate what you wish to say.

Establish the Feeding Area

Once the tour is complete, bring the dog to it’s feeding area and reward it with a treat and some water. This will settle it down. It will also allow it to recognize where the feeding station is, an important place to note!

Buy What You Need Beforehand

While we know that buying the adorable Pettsie Matching Friendship Bracelets was not on your list, ensure that you have everything that your puppy might need. From Pettsie Natural Hemp leashes to chew toys, grooming supplies, and litter boxes — make sure you have everything that your puppy might need set up and ready for them.

The Key? Consistency.

Start small and steady and build up from there. Enforce rules from day 1 that you would expect your puppy to adhere to for the rest of their amazing lives with you. For instance, you might be tempted to allow it to sleep in your bed but if you train the dog to sleep on it’s own, it will develop the habit early on.

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