Main reasons why people are the happiest when they spend time with their dogs

Dogs support fitness routine

Dogs are energetic and love to stay active. This makes them a great workout partner. In fact, you may not find a better cardio companion like dogs.

Dogs boost your mood and health

Dogs have been tagged to be your heart’s best friend because they help you achieve lower blood pressure and weight loss.

  • They help increase your happiness levels
  • They help you feel positive like your best friend would do
  • They reduce stress and make you feel less lonely

Dogs help to improve your social life

Your social life tends to improve when you have a dog around you. You tend to interact more with other dog owners, and you easily lose your shyness and tend to interact with people.

Dogs teach you to stretch, drink plenty of water, and stop to smell the roses

You’re likely to see your dog stress at least once or twice throughout any given day. They also tend to stop to smell flowers while walking in the morning, and drink plenty of water once they return inside.

Dogs help with autism, ADHD, and sensory issues

Having a pet helps tremendously with many health and mental issues. Many adults and kids with ADHD have enjoyed a great improvement in their health while keeping a pet.

Dogs can assist with depression

A lot of therapists now prescribe a pet as a way to help people deal with depression. Although it is important to exercise, eat healthily, and spend time with loved ones to cure depression, owning an adorable furry friend has been proven to also help all kinds of people with depression, including ex-military and children.

Dogs help to improve heart health

Apart from the leap you feel in your heart anytime you see your pup do something lovely, studies have shown that dog owners tend to have a better survival rate one year after sustaining a heart attack.


Dogs are lovely and adorable pets and they help you enjoy a lot of health benefits when you spend quality time with them. Your happiness level tends to increase, and your level of stress, depression, anxiety, and risk of diseases drops.

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