Natural ways to relieve canine joint pain

5 min readJan 23, 2023

Perhaps you’re unhappy to see your dog inactive due to joint pains. You don’t want to miss the usual fun with your canine companion. That warm welcome they give you by wagging their tails whenever you arrive home.

You may be looking for ways to relieve dog joint pain. The good news is that you don’t need to buy powerful over-the-counter analgesics to alleviate your canine joint pain. You can always use some natural yet effective remedies for your dog.

So, are you intrigued to know the most effective ways of relieving canine joint pain naturally? Keep reading this article as we walk you through the most helpful tips.

What is canine joint pain?

Joint pain, which is also known as Arthritis, is a condition that causes the joint of your dog to become inflammatory, resulting in pains and difficulty in movement.

In some cases, a dog may develop osteoarthritis, which is a term used to describe the gradual degeneration of the joints due to inflammation. Thus, the joint pain may not be noticeable until the dog has grown.

What causes joint pain in dogs?

Joint pain usually affects older dogs, so as your dog grows older they are most likely going to develop joint pains, especially in their fore and hind legs. Joint pains in older dogs occur because of wear and tear on the joints.

However, canine joint pain can also be caused by an injury such as broken bones or damaged ligaments and tendons. Sometimes, it may be a result of joint dislocation, which is usually accompanied by swelling of the joint.

Another factor that can cause canine joint pain is the under-development of joints caused by either malnutrition, lack of exercise, or too many high-impact exercises during puppyhood.

What are the signs and symptoms of joint pain in dogs?

Joint pain in dogs is usually progressive with symptoms that gradually develop and worsen over time. The first sign you may likely notice in your dog with joint pain is sluggish movement; they begin to walk much slower than usual, become reluctant to play as much as they usually do, and perhaps they may refuse to climb stairs or jump on their favorite table.

Other symptoms associated with joint pains in dogs include groaning when laying down or when getting up from a resting position, lameness or limping, tiredness, irritability, licking areas that are painful, and being aggressive when the painful joint is touched.

What are the natural remedies to relieve joint pain in dogs?

If you’re looking for natural ways to relieve canine joint pains, here are the best natural remedies that can help your canine friend.

Healthy diet

Giving your dog a natural healthy diet not only improves the condition of their joints but also improves their overall health condition. Although dogs are not animals that select food and your canine will most likely eat almost anything you offer them, not all food is good for your dog.

Feeding your dog a diet rich in protein, such as meat, and a healthy balance of carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats can hasten the healing of their joints, especially in case of dislocation. Fruits such as blueberries can supply antioxidants that can help in removing free radicals that can contribute to arthritis in dogs.

Also, adding steamed vegetables to your dog’s food that can supply phosphorus and calcium, which are the major minerals required to build stronger bones and joints can help in reducing joint pains.

A healthy diet can help your dog to reach a healthy weight and maintain that weight to take the stress off their painful joints. Also, a balanced diet can help in restoring your dog’s joints if their joint pain is caused by a deficiency of a particular macro or micronutrient.


The overall health of your canine, including their joints, can be significantly improved by regular exercise.

Start with low-impact exercises like running short distances with your dog. Doing that will help your canine in maintaining an ideal weight, therefore, putting less stress on their joints.

Exercise also keeps your canine joints mobile, preventing them from becoming stiff.

Herbal remedies

Certain plants contain active ingredients with the potential of relieving pains in canine joints. Most of these herbs also have anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the plants include:

  • Comfrey — Comfrey contains natural substances with anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Consistent addition of ½ to 1 teaspoon of comfrey to your dog’s food can gradually relieve their joint pains in a matter of days. You can get the dried comfrey herb from a natural food store, grind it into powder, and add it to your dog’s food.
  • Frankincense — Frankincense acts as an all-around herbal remedy, which can be used to relieve canine joint pain. It has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can add either a dried frankincense herb or its essential oil to your dog’s food.
  • Turmeric — This is another commonly used herb loaded with antioxidant properties that can help to fight several diseases, especially when added to your pooch’s food. It is an anti-inflammatory herb and has some analgesic properties.
  • Yucca — Yucca is used to alleviate joint pains in both humans and animals. It can be easily found in food stores. You can get the dried herb or capsules and add them to your dog’s food to help in relieving their joint pain.
  • Alfalfa — Alfalfa is often used to manage pains and inflammation. When trying to purchase Alfalfa, ensure you buy an organic one from a health food store and not one that had been genetically modified-which is more common nowadays. You can add the dried herb to your dog’s food as a natural analgesic.

You may selectively mix two or more of the aforementioned herbs to increase their potency before adding them to your dog’s food.


Certain supplements derived from natural products with pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties can be added to your dog’s food.

For example, glucosamine and antioxidants are beneficial supplements that you can add to your dog’s food to repair damaged cells and clean out toxins that can accumulate in their joints.

Can canine joint pain be prevented?

Canine joint pain caused by old age cannot be prevented, it’s a natural occurrence resulting from wear and tear of bones and ligaments. Nevertheless, you can do certain things to reduce the risk of age-related canine joint pain and lessen the severity of its symptoms. These include regular exercise for your aging dog and a healthy diet to control their weight.

You may also train your dog not to engage in dangerous activities such as jumping over an electric face or jumping down a storey building instead of taking the stairs. This can prevent them from physical joint injuries, which may result in canine joint pain.


Although age-related canine joint pain is almost impossible, its severity can be reduced through a healthy diet, exercise, herbal remedies, and supplements.

You can also make use of those aforementioned natural ways of relieving canine joint pain to help in alleviating pains in dogs resulting from physical injuries such as joint dislocation.

However, always remember to get your natural products from organic food stores to avoid buying genetically modified ones.

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