Practice good safety habits when you adopt a big dog

Why Big Dog Breeds Are Most Popular?

RightPet study conducted in 2018 shows big cuddle mutts are most popular among dog lovers. So what makes them popular?

Safety Tips When You Are Around Big Dogs:

Here we will walk you through a complete guide to handling these large mutts. Big dog owners come across a plethora of queries, such as how to behave when you are around big dogs, how to travel with big dog breeds, how to play with a biggy pooch, etc. so keep scrolling if you want to excel as a big dog parent.

Safety Habits for Big Dogs Adjustment Period:

We know bringing your favorite breed home is super exciting for you, yeah! it should be, of course. You can’t help but play with these giant pups the moment they get into your life.

Safety Habits in Outdoors with Big Dogs:

It is quite intimidating to think of taking your giant mutt to crowded places. But at the same time, you wish to see your pooch running freely along the streets.

Safety Habit for Grooming Big Dogs:

Big dogs are super active. So use their energy through proper exercise; running with your huge mutt, a dog park, or an obstacle course in your yard are some ways to keep them fit and sound.

Safety Habits for Travelling with Big Dogs:

Traveling with a big dog is quite a hassle and risky alike. Considering your biggy pooch has a big bladder so won’t be needing frequent visits is not a good idea. You must see them regularly during your trip to make them comfortable.

Safety Habits with Children:

There is no doubt in saying that big dogs can make great family pets. With some training, they can play safely with your kids.

Safety Habits with Small Pets:

If you live in a multi-pet home, you might be wondering whether small and large dogs can live and lay together. There can’t be a reason for not letting two pets live under the same roof, irrespective of their size difference.

  1. Keep your big dog on a leash and muzzle when your start socializing them with other pets; anything can persuade them for getting mouthy.
  2. Do not let puppies encounter large dogs; your pup is not capable enough to get along with these huge animals.
  3. Invest your time and efforts to teach your dog safety commands, such as down, heel, sit, come, etc.

Safety Habits for Big Dogs Health:

Big dogs mature early, so disease prevalence is considered greater in such breeds. Regular vet visits will let you know the current health status of your biggy pooch and what diseases he can develop later on.

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