Taking care of a new pet while launching a business

3 min readMar 8, 2021

Opening your home up to a new dog or cat is rewarding for all parties. If the adoption coincides with the launch of your new company, however, the process can seem daunting. Luckily, there are strategies, resources, and tools available that can boost your company’s success, as well as your pet’s happiness.

Tips To Help Your Business Thrive

If you are starting your own company, smart business decisions can improve your odds for success. First, running your business out of your home can maximize your flexibility, save money on overhead costs, and reduce your level of risk. Working from home also allows you to take a tax deduction for your home office expenses. Most importantly, if you have a new pet to care for, being home gives you the time and flexibility to make sure your new companion’s needs are met.

Another wise business decision is to file for LLC status. This type of business structure provides greater flexibility when filing your taxes, requires less paperwork, and protects your personal assets from liability. While you don’t need an expensive attorney to file, new business formation services can help you navigate the rules and regulations, since they can vary from state to state.

Tips To Help Your New Pet Feel Comfortable

The most important thing you can do to reduce your new pet’s stress levels is to ensure your new companion can see, hear, and smell you. Give your new dog or cat a cozy spot to sleep in your home office. Not only do pets thrive from this arrangement, but owners benefit as well. Having your pet at work reduces your anxiety, increases productivity, and boosts morale.

Next, set up a routine to ensure your pet’s needs are not overlooked when you are busy with work. After you determine an optimal schedule for feedings, bathroom breaks, and exercise, you can use a scheduling app to send reminders. Since studies show that your work productivity is optimized when you take short breaks to relax and refuel, taking time throughout the day to care for your furry companion can benefit both your pet and your business!

When your work demands make it difficult for you to devote enough time to your pet, online help is available. If you are looking for a dog walker or someone to check in on your cat, services like Wag, PawTrottr, and Rover provide an easy way to schedule, communicate, and pay through an app. By having on-demand access to walkers and caretakers, your pet’s needs can be met while you’re finishing up an important work task.

You can also use apps and online tools to help you with many aspects of pet care:

  1. PitPat is a fitness tracking device for your pet.
  2. Doggy Dates is a social app that helps you locate playmates for your dog.
  3. Puppr features training videos and an in-app digital clicker so you can train your pet.
  4. GoodPup takes training one step further by providing access to one-on-one video lessons with professional trainers.

Welcoming a new pet while you are launching a company can work for both you and your new companion. Utilizing available tools and adopting some simple strategies can set you and your pet on the path to a happy life together.

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