Tips and tools for taking Instagram-worthy photos of your dog

Make sure your pup is camera-ready

The perfect picture starts with the right preparation.

  • Invest in the pet supplies you need to ensure your dog looks and feels their best, like quality food and dog brushes. Click here to check out online product reviews.
  • Make sure your dog’s coat and nails are looking great by booking them an appointment with a local groomer.
  • Get cute accessories from Pettsie like a personalized collar for your dog to wear in their photos. This will make the shots unique.
  • If you’re going to dress up your dog in costumes for their pictures, make sure they’re breathable and safe.

Set up the perfect shot

Taking photos with animals can be tricky. Here are some hacks to help.

  • Choose a fitting location for your pet photo shoot, like the beach or a football field.
  • Bring treats to help attract your puppy’s attention and get them to sit still for the shot.
  • Learn how to use a timer on your camera if you want to take photos together with your dog.
  • A phone tripod stand can be another useful tool if you want to take pictures of yourself and your dog together.

Design a great post

Once you’ve got the shot, you still need to create a great Instagram post.

  • Decide on an aesthetic for your dog’s Instagram in advance and stick to it for every photo you post.
  • Size your image appropriately depending on whether it’s a post or story.
  • Make the most of this free Instagram story template to design a great post.
  • Use the right Instagram hashtags to get your pup’s post the attention it deserves.

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