Why play is important for dogs

1. Play helps you get a stronger bond with your dog

Just like the bond between two friends gets stronger when they share fun moments, the bond you have with your dog becomes strengthened when you spend quality time together.

2. Play is a fun way to train and improve manners

As you give your dog some play time, it’s a good chance to work on some basic trainings and manners. Right from the puppy stage, dogs learn basic manners as they play around. When they play too much, they’ll likely get a nip from their mother or littermate; or they might simply stop the play altogether.

3. Play provides mental stimulation

You can keep your dog’s brain working efficiently when you allow it to have quality play time. Yea, when you engage them in mentally stimulating activities or brain games, it helps them become smarter. More so, mentally stimulating games help to alleviate boredom and decrease the likelihood of your dog developing behavioral issues like chewing or excessive barking.

4. Play relieves boredom

When a dog is bored, it displays some undesirable behaviors like excessive barking. So maybe some of those periods your dog kept on barking, he only wanted some time to play. So even if you give it food to calm him, he could ignore and continue barking.

5. Play helps combat pet obesity

Play is a major solution to the growing problem of pet obesity. Current estimates show that 53% of U.S. dogs are obese or overweight. And a recommended measure to shed extra calories is to add few simple play sessions a day to a dog’s routine. More so, when you keep your dog slim, it leads to a 15 percent increase in his lifespan.

Dog rule to note:

Don’t get too physical

You have to be careful if you have to engage in interactive plays with your dog because it can be pretty rough and lead to injury. Remember dogs love to wrestle with their mouth, so they may play with another dog and use their mouth without hurting them. But this mouthing may get you into trouble if you try to get too physical with your dog.

Start with a good diet

Before engaging your dog in a strenuous play, ensure your dog enjoy a good diet. Remember! All physical activity prescribed for dogs are intended for the healthy ones. And you need to be careful about your dog’s diet because some dog foods contribute to lethargy asides hyperactivity.

Size doesn’t matter

Some dog owners think dog breeds with larger size needs more exercise or play time, but that’s not true. The Newfoundlands are a good example of the larger breeds, but they require less exercise time than the smaller breeds.

Establish a regular play time

Just like you would for your child, you can create a time frame to allow your dog enjoy quality play every day. This helps to create a routine that the dog comes to expect. But be mindful that your pet can be resentful when you skip a session- and may take it out on your couch.


Always remember that dogs are social creatures and they opportunities for social and active play provides a physical and mental outlet for dogs.

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